onine doctors,urdu health tips, beauty tips, urdu doctor tips

Posted by Dessas on August 17th, 2010

, online doctor, men health , women health, sexual health , depression, pregnancy, heart

onine doctors,urdu health tips, beauty tips, urdu doctor tips, online doctor, men health , women health, sexual health , depression, pregnancy, heart

To hear the diagnosis that you have breast cancer, or that someone you love has breast cancer, it can be devastating. It may have taken you by surprise, it may have been a suspicion or a possibility for some time. Either way, surviving cancer may seem like an impossible goal, and it can take a while for everything to sink in, and to come to terms with the diagnosis and plan the future treatment.

Accepting treatment is important in aiding your survival. Your doctor will discuss you options with you, and give you details about the treatment they believe will best increase your chances of survival. Although treating breast cancer may be a long and often hard experience, without this treatment the chances of survival can significantly drop, and grabbing every chance you can get to beat cancer will help.

The most important thing to remember when coming to terms with breast cancer is how important it is to fight the disease. Treatment is a great way to do this, but perhaps the most important way is to adjust your mindset to one which is focused on beating the disease. Breast cancer can seem for many to be a terrifying prospect, and who can deny the upheaval and darkness it can cause. But, though it may seem hard to do at first, turning this terror into determination can give you more of a sense of control over the situation. Don’t give in. If this seems hard on your own, encourage those around you to encourage you with their support. Friends and family will want to help you and join you in this battle, as do thousands of other breast cancer sufferers through other mediums, such as hospital support groups, the internet and help lines where they can offer you advice and support. For some, counselling or other forms of therapy can provide the security blanket they need. Whichever support form you prefer, make sure that you are not alone in this battle.

Fighting breast cancer, as well as getting treatment, also means not letting the disease define who you are. Holding cancer so closely to your definition of yourself means it can be very hard to separate yourself from it, and as a result you can find that you are constantly unable to forget the disease. Instead, try holding the disease as something you need to beat, instead of something who you are, and take time out away from the disease. Spend time with your family, do the things you want to do, go to your favourite places, and treat yourself. Even if this escape is only for an hour or so, it is an hour spent on you and what you want to do, and taking this opportunity to distract yourself can help to increase your resolve to beat the disease.

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